2019 Photos
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Another Great Year Continues At Higley! 

Andrew Mager sent in this wonderful rainbow shot over Higley.
Just wish those were the last of the rain clouds!

Jaa Walk also captured that rainbow's beauty!

Karen Meadows also grabbed that rainbow!

Ed Harcourt Does It Again!  Sunset On Higley.

And Sandy Peck captured a loon fishing.

Mousaw PL sent in this nice shot of Lower Higley at sunset.

Ed did it again!  Summer Solstice Over Higley

PL Mousaw sent in two shots of the end of another perfect day.

Kathy Rowe just expressed what many of us feel: "Crazy current, torrential rains, fluctuating water levels and then... there’s this 🥰 the emotional saga of South Higley water 💙 "

Every once in awhile, I've got to add a shot. Tonight's sunset from the end of my dock. Pretty nice ending to today.

Here's Wendy Chambers sunset shot from her dock tonight.

And Steve Clark agrees that it was a beautiful night!

Amy Cayey just put up a shot of how to enjoy a Higley Weekend.

One of our S. Colton folks sent in this fun new way to spend a family evening: Watching For Boats To Hit The Rocks Due To Fluctuating Water Levels. (Well, maybe not "fun" but it sure looks relaxing if you're on shore).

About time!  Tim & Sharon Ward finally made it up.  Time to celebrate!!

Thanks, Jeremy Bronson, for this shot of Sunday's sunset.

PL Mousaw
shared this pic of fireworks over our River Of Lights.

Jerry Sharp sent in this nice shot of July 3rd.'s River Of Lights

Andrew Mager shared this great rainbow shot

Andrew also shared this wonderul aerial shot of Big Bay

Aha!  Bonnie Ward was out viewing the River Of Lights too!

Here's some of her shots.

RJ Thayer sent in these two night shots.

River of Lights via Drone!