2014 Photos
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Thanks to Kay Hassett for these shots.  Looking up State Park Bay
after the pines are trimmed.

Wispy clouds over Stump Bay.

Fall reflections in the water.

Looking across Munson Bay (aka Buttery Bay)

Kay's Fall Shot of Wilson Bay Trees.

Our pontoon waiting for a fall cruise.

Clouds reflected in still waters.

11/2/14: Kay Hassett shot this pic of bear tracks on the beach.  Since they're getting fattened up for winter, might want to keep the small animals indoors.

Joanne Lapierre sent these Fall Shots:
Getting in some exercise and enjoying the warmth.

Ahhh...the calm before the storm.

This loon's happy that the boaters have gone!

These guys are too!

Getting pretty chilly, but time for one last dip...
Thanks to Loren Lapierre for this shot.

Thanks to Jerry Sharp for most of the November Storm pics.

Kay Hassett sent this shot of the pretty first flakes.

Jerry show what an additional foot looks like!

Somewhere over there is another shore....

No basketball game today!

And somewhere out there is Cottage Road!

Snow shovel for rent, apply within!

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