2019 Photos
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Another Great Year Continues At Higley! 

July 4th.  Shannon Mattice wonders "Who Pulled The Plug"??

But, the show must go on! 
Bill again leads off the Children's 4th. of July Parade.

Another wonderful turnout

Walking's great, but if you've got transportation....

Tracy Ward sent in this overhead shot of the action.

Jerry Sharp sent in this shot of the end of the parade.

Renee Seymour sent in these additional shots.

Jean Fallon sent in a couple pics of the brave parade guards.

Yes, that'll teach that kayaker to mess around!

Well, after all that effort, people needed a way to cool off.
The fireworks might have been spectacular, but this was my favorite memory of the 4th.

After all the hectic boating, the fireworks and crowds had calmed, David Warner sent in a peaceful pic to wish us a Happy 4th.

Ed Harcourt calls this one "Arbuckle On Fire"

A nice shot from Pat Luce's deck

Christopher Bugler sent in these shots of the end of a perfect day.

James Trimm sent in this pic, taken a couple years ago at the Higley Flow State Park beach.  While not a 2019 shot, it's certainly worth adding!

Andrew Mager sent in another shot of the Summer colors at Higley

Dan Murphy sent in this pic of a wakeboarder on big bay last night.

Maureen Logan Daniels sent in this misty morning shot.

Carol Hudson sent in this pic of a "bear cloud" over Big Bay at sunset.

And Carol also sent in this shot of moonlight reflections.

And PL Mousaw added this pic of fireworks over our River of Lights.

Drew Koerick sent in this nice evening shot.

Craig Durant also captured the beautiful reflection last night.

And Kay Hassett also pictured this beautiful July 16th. moon.

Kathy Rowe sent in this magnificent picture of an eagle fishing on Higley Flow

And Kathy Rowe also sent in this pic of S. Colton after today's unexpected rain.

More Pics and the Round The Islands Race pic link!

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