2020 Photos

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Another year has just begun and it looks beautiful so far.  Let's show everyone just how wonderful Higley Flow can be.   Just email your pic to higley4us@gmail.com and I'll try to include it. - Thanks, Bob Agel  higley4us@gmail.com

Another Great Year at Higley Begins! 

Nina Ward sent in this beautiful shot.  Folks, if you went South, here's what you're missing!

Greg Moore just posted this shot of a notorious crew ice fishing on Higley. Looks like they're signalling he's "number 1" in their book.

Jeff Rouselle sent in these two shots with this explanation:

"The sunsets are great of course but the sunrise isn't too shabby here either. Heather captured these on her way to Colton Winterfest activities early this morning."

We survived the storm and were gifted with this beautiful day!

Ed Harcourt sent in this pic: "After The Storm"

Kay Hassett sent in these three shots showing the beauty of winter right off her deck!

Jaa Walk sent in these shots of a deer friend 'just passing through' Higley.

Kay Hassett took this nice shot on March 8th.

While we patiently wait out this virus, let's keep our future in mind. Jaa Walk has posted this March 27th. pic. "Soon, Higley!" It's coming folks!

It's Started, Folks!! A beautiful Spring Saturday and even though the ice has been gone less than 2 days, the Zebedees took advantage of the calm waters to enjoy their kayaks.

Nina Ward took this beautiful shot off her dock today, May 1st.

Joanne Hudson sent in this pic of planes, seemingly either lost or perhaps enjoying the bubbly while flying.

Andrew Mager just sent in this pic for us to remember 5/12/2020 (Well, it IS pretty)

Kay Hassett also took a beautiful shot of our Winter In May!

Kay Hassett sent in this great shot for Memorial Day!