2018 Photos
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Another great year at Higley! 

Chris Bulger sent in this shot from one of our classic cruisers.

Sun, sand and my 2yr. old Great Grandaughter.  Higley's perfect today!

Bonnie Ward took this shot of a beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Joanne Lapierre also captured that beautiful sunset.

Thanks, Kay Hassett, for sharing this beautiful summer day!

It's SUMMER!  Betsy Warner sent in this shot of how beautiful the shores look

But, with temps in the 90's, we're not just LOOKING at the water. Get on in there!

It's the 4th. of July and Bill once again leads the Parade!

But this year, he's being chased by a Tyrannosaurus!

Patriotic Kids

Many, many more!

Patriotic Push Car

Patriotic ATV

And A Patriotic Puppy

Patriotic Lawn Mower ???

Wait, who are these strange-looking critters?

Ah, it's Jean with Dallas and Matt in full reenactment regalia!

Kay Hassett sent in this great shot of our Nation's Flag.

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