2018 Photos
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Another great year at Higley! 

Don Shoen cruising the July 3rd. River of Lights

Pam Luce Dumas posted this great shot of dueling July 4th. fireworks

Jeff Henderson took this shot from the shore of State Park Bay

Betsy Warner caught this perfect sunset on July 1st.

Sandy Peck published this shot from her deck.  Welcome Home, Sandy!

Danielle Hall-Bulger sent in these super shots

More from Danielle

And another perfect sky & water shot

It's about time Shane showed up!

And one more perfect sky/water shot from Danielle

Jane Mousaw submitted this shot of our bay at sunset.

Tonight, Andrew Mager grabbed another great shot!

Marilyn Fayette caught this nice shot of tonight's fireworks and its  reflection.

Danielle Hall-Bulger contributed this nice shot of fishing buddies.

Danielle also captured why summers are so special at Higley

Another from Danielle - Relax and Enjoy!

My granddaughter, Kaelyn caught her first fish!

Amelia still doesn't want to kiss the fish to make it all better.

Meanwhile, Zack just loves Higley!

Pat Luce submitted another one of her great shots.

Bonnie Ward took this nice shot looking down the main channel.

Saturday, August 4th. was perfect weather for the 2018 Round the Islands Race. Here's the results

  Looks like someone has put up a new rope swing in the same location that saw a man break his leg 3 years ago and caused the Higley Flow State Park to not only remove all swings but also to close Old Beach to swimming and boating.

Susan Brockway Corwine captured this evening's sunset perfectly.

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