2016 Photos Page 2
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Hi friends! It's time to get your cameras or cell phones out and document all the wonders around Higley Flow. Let's publish all the fun and beauty we see every day. I'm sure you have shots that you'd like to see included. Another idea is to create an album of the critters that we share Higley with: (coyotes, bobcats, bears, porkies, ermines, geese & ducks and many more). If you'd like to share them, just email your pic to higley4us@gmail.com and I'll try to include it. - Thanks, Bob Agel  higley4us@gmail.com

A great year at Higley continues! 

July 4th., Another Parade & Bill Leads The Way!

Lots of kids & "Older Kids" participate

Did I mention LOTS of kids?

Dad's got you covered if your legs are a bit weak for the walk.

and, bringing up the rear....

Of course, not ALL the spectacle was on the road...

Gerry Butler caught this fireworks shot on 7/3

July 9, 2016 - Microburst or Tornado???