Higley Properties for Sale and/or Rent

Are you a member of the Higley Association and have a home or camp that you'd like to rent or possibly sell?  We'll be happy to post your listing for free.  Contact us at "higley4us@gmail.com".

Green's Point (Higley Flow)
Last two weeks of August, 2014....private beach
Call for info:  804-833-3087

Perfection For Under $100K!
34 Crestwood Lane - Quiet, private and just off Cottage Rd.

2 bedroom with great yard and nice beach, perfect for children or as rental property.  Under $100,000.  For more information Call 802-483-2074

Looking to enjoy life on the Flow:

We have a camp on Higley (Dean Talcott). We have friends who are looking for a camp to rent July 31- Aug 3 or 4th., 2014.  Large enough to sleep 10. 

If you could please post or spread to any renters.

Thank You,
Kelly Talcott Moores