Higley Properties for Sale and/or Rent

Are you a member of the Higley Association and have a home, building or camp that you'd like to rent or possibly sell?  We'll be happy to post your listing for free.  Contact us at "higley4us@gmail.com".
Please let us know when your property is rented or sold, so we can keep the listings up-to-date.

FOR SALE BY OWNER!!  - posted 1/28/21

3 bedroom 2 full baths, 1 car garage with storage area, 1500 sq. ft. year round home on Higley Flow, Colton, NY.  Home is fully furnished with a standby generator, gas fireplace, paved walkways and patio areas. 75 ft. of waterfront, docks included.

There is a lot available for sale to  build a garage, additional parking or storage.
Home will be available to view by May 25, 2021. Asking price: $325,000. All inquiries please email at: tbrockway3@twcny.rr.com

2 BR Camp For Rent - posted 6/13/20
Hi my name is Sara Sharlow, My husband Calvin & I own a 2 bedroom camp on Higley Flow for rent $700 per week.   It’s on Stowe Bay Road and folks could call and leave a message at 315-261-3125
Also I have a Facebook page for it @pinetreebluff  https://www.facebook.com/pinetreebluff/

Camp For Rent - Rentals available weekly
Updated 6/9/2020

800 Feet of waterfront, 3 Bedroom, sleeps 6-8.  Sand beach, on Greens Point Road.  $950 per week,  discounts available for monthly rentals.  Late August dates still available and September rents @ $650 per week.  Contact Larrie Dean at larriedean@verizon.net or (804) 833-3087 for weeks available.

7/6/19 - Summer Rental Possibility - Below The Dam

Mousaw PL says:

"I have a cottage that has some summer availability for rental if anyone is interested. It is below Dam and 3 minute walk from big rock.boat launch. Thanks."

An Opportunity To Open The Business You've Always Wanted!

South Colton is coming alive with new storefronts, new ideas and increased traffic!
This could be the ideal location for you to set up shop.
Commercial space located on busy State Route 56, South Colton; all utilities
included. Call 315-265-6657 or 315-262-5241 for an appointment.

Northeastern Sign Corporation
Anne M. Clarkson, President