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Concerned about Watermilfoil in Higley Flow?

There will be a meeting to discuss the Watermilfoil problem at Higley Flow this Monday, November 7 at 7:30 in the Colton-Pierrepont School Cafeteria.

This will be an organizational and informational session.  Anyone with concerns about this invasive plant and its possible consequences for our waterways is urged to attend. 

 Colton Fire and Rescue Dept. 911 sign campaign

Colton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department is sponsoring a drive to help ensure that 911address numbers are readily visible, to help them find your home when responding to an emergency.

The Department will, free of charge, provide materials and install 911 signs for residences, in their service area, that need improved signage. (Donations to offset costs are appreciated.)

If you are interested, please call: Jeff or Angel Angleberger (262-2072), Scott McRobbie (262-2296), Abby Johnson (727-2556), Jake Crosley (261-9016) or Chelsea McKinley (265-1605).

New Signs Go Up, Rope Swings Come Down

After a recent accident, where a 40 yr. old man broke his leg, the Park has removed at least two rope swings.  These rope swings, while popular, were not erected with the permission of the Park.  At about the same time, these new signs appeared at Old Beach, a popular gathering place for boaters looking to rest and cool off on the hot summer days.  The signs replace older ones that simply warned: "no swimming", and now it's apparently against the rules to even beach your boat at that location.

It will be interesting to see how this is enforced and if warnings or fines result for violators.

As information, a member of the Park has provided this map of the actual boundaries of the Park.  You will notice that their ownership extends across half of Stump Bay (Warm Brook Flow), State Park Bay (what's shown as Higley Flow) and to the junction of the Raquette River.

Kudos to the Colton & Parishville Rescue Squads (by Kay Hassett)

We were out in our boat around We were out in our boat for a couple of hours today....we were on our last loop around the Higley State Park area around 4 PM.

All of a sudden we saw some people on the peninsula straight in front of our place. They asked us to call 911....a 40 year old father was there with his three children. He had tried using the boat swing...apparently hung on too long and slammed his leg into the bank coming back in. He had a broken leg, with the
bone coming through his skin!! I called 911 for them and two of his children swam out to our boat and we took them to the boat launch so they could alert other family members. I told the operator that the rescue people will need a boat and they'll have a difficult time getting him down the steep slope.

We went over to boat launch and waited for the rescue folks. The Colton rescue ambulance was there first and another boat took some of their EMTs over to the injured man. Three rescue squad men brought a small (fishing) boat and tried heading out; but, their boat wouldn't start so we ended up towing them over.
The Parishville Rescue boat arrived shortly afterwards.

A party boat appeared and the rescue squad folks were finally able to get him onto that (poor guy was screaming with pain!) and then over to the waiting rescue squad at the boat launch. It wasn't an easy thing to accomplish due to the steep slope and the pain that the gentleman was in.

There are three rope swings along that area....only accessed by walking way around to the end of the peninsula. We've said right along it's "an accident waiting to happen"....well, today was the day!

Followup: 8/10/15

Rope Swings not swinging today.... (Kay Hassett checked it out):
I heard the chainsaws around noontime, then Jim and I went out in our boat later this afternoon to check on things.

They removed the ropes and cut off the branches....the trees were left standing; but, no one will be swinging from them again.

Colton explores building disc golf course off Morgan Road

The town of Colton has received up to a $10,000 grant from the St. Lawrence Health Initiative that may be used to establish a disc golf course along the county trail on the Morgan Road.

Department of Public Works Superintendent Darin S. Richards said there are 72 disc golf courses in New York state, with the closest being in Plattsburgh and in the Watertown area. He said the courses are getting great reviews and heavy use from college students.

He suggested the disc golf or Frisbee golf course would be an ideal use for the open land off Morgan Road. Mr. Richards said property at the transfer station and the firemen’s field had also been considered for the course.

He noted the volunteer fire department had vetoed the use of their site. “They didn’t want to put it up there. I wasn’t invited or asked to attend the meeting where they had their vote,” Mr. Richards told the town board.

The DPW superintendent said security concerns and the potential for a solar farm eliminated the transfer station property.

He suggested the Morgan Road site met the criteria necessary for the course. “The water hazard would be perfect for the course. It’s a low impact environmental sport, so it would fit well,” according to the DPW superintendent.

Town Supervisor Dennis B. Bulger said the Morgan Road site would be a perfect location for the golf course. “It’s just idle land that the town’s not using,” he said.

Councilman Ronald Robert agreed. “I think it would work out well with what’s planned for the trail system there,” the councilman said

Mr. Richards said the project will only move forward if community organizations volunteer to do the work necessary to set up the course. “I’ll handle the grant, I’ll handle the administration, and I’ll handle whatever it takes to do so, but the actual construction of the course and the trails would have to come from the service organizations. The DPW summer schedule is full with our own work,” he said.

He said he has been talking to two different service organizations about the project. He said both organizations are discussing the request internally, but they will need to make a decision shortly.

Mr. Richards said he will need to reject the Health Initiative grant if volunteers aren’t available to do the work.

“They are still working within their organizations to see if they want to take on the project. We’ll see. I haven’t rejected the grant yet, but time is running out. The material has got to be dropped here and started to be installed by Sept. 1 if we accept the grant,” he noted.

The plan for the disc golf course would consist of a nine-hole course on 10 acres of land along the trail system. The cost for building the course would be about $1,000 per hole, Mr. Richards said.

Mr. Roberts said the grant dollars would be sufficient to complete the work. “We got tourism. We’ve got to capitalize on it. Up on the Morgan Road, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem to clear, especially with a $10,000 grant.”

The DPW superintendent concurred. “No, it really wouldn’t.” Most of it would be course layout design, but the water and scenery would be perfect for the course, he said.

Mr. Richards also said much of the work to maintain the courses is being done by users at other locations around the state, with stewards maintaining the courses.