Lost & Found

(here's where you'll list the flotsom and jetsom you've discovered floating downstream)

Wandering Dock - 4/17/17

We have a dock that has drifted into our Mud Pond Road area. It may have come from Greens Bay. Anyone notice theirs missing contact us.  - Miki & Shirley Nesbitt   

Home 315-262-2820

Cell    315-323-3346

This Radisson Canoe was found last fall at Higley Flow and has been cared for by Lorraine Gowing all winter and summer.  It had floated up onto the little island in the cove near Big Rock.   Please contact Lorraine at 212-8293 to claim it.

June 24, 2016 - An aluminum row boat is missing from the beach at W. Nye Smith's camp in Stowe bay.

It has 3 seats, shiny aluminum and a patched hole (JB Weld) underfoot in the rear.  If it floated your way, please contact Greg or Nye at 315-262-2007

July 19th:  RESPONSE!   Cathy McNamara Hi, I'll give you a call tomorrow. Just today I realized it was missing. Thank you!