Lost & Found

(here's where you'll list the flotsom and jetsom you've discovered floating downstream)

Floating Dock Roaming Higley

First noticed 7/2/22 at Stowe Bay, this large dock has been making it's way around Higley's waters and was last reported 7/9/22 at Jan and Jim Bickford's.  Someone up-river may not have  noticed it's absence.

8/25/20 Blowin' In The Wind...
Welll....that didn't get far!!  Amanda Pike says she'll be by to pick it up!!

Bar Aiken reports: "Just retrieved this float blowing past my island. I will tie it to my front dock tomorrow after the wind dies down."

Jet Ski Took A Trip Without It's Owner! 8/15/20

8/17/20 - Owner has been located!

Ed & Judy Fuhr reported: "Found floating near the dam, tied up at Pethic’s camp in Green’s Bay. NY 6268 UN registration number, not current."

7/27/20 - Another Tube Has Escaped!

Well, it didn't get too far.  Back with it's owner!

Marylin Vail of 114 Stowe Bay Rd. has found a nice tube that's floated in on July 27. Please call at 315-262-2514.

7/25/20 - Found Ski

Kay Hassett says: "I just found this ski floating in front of our house. I placed it against our seawall at our beach...
directly across from the "Old Beach" at the Higley State Park."

7/18/20 Another Floating Float Floated!!

And it's gone home!  Jaa says the owner's retrieved it.

Jaa Walk found this Hot Dog Raft.  Contact him if it's yours!

7/15/20 - Another Lost Ski!  7/29/20 - FOUND!!

David Peters asks: “Looking for mate to this water ski. Lost near Bay Road on July 15th. If found, please call David Peters at 614-425-4470. Thanks!”

Sharp-eyed Jaa Walk found it at the Kunoco Station.

7/6/20 - The Float-tilla Continues!!

Krista Pahler Francis says: "We found a donut float In our bay - not sure if someone is missing theirs but we have it if they are"

7/9 - Owner Found!!

7/5/20 - Another Float's Floating!!

Ron Curtis found this nice inflatable float near Cove Road. Please contact him if you've lost it.

7/4/20 - Lost Ski!

Cheryl Doyle asks whoever picked up their black & yellow O'Brien ski to give her a call. It was dropped when the skier went slalom. (315) 212-0365

7/2/20 - Bumper Missing.

Chris Bulger says: "Missing a black bumper. If you find it, please let me know".

7/1/20 - A Float Went Floatin'

Fred MacFarlane found this nice float by his dock.  It would like to go home now.

5/30/20 - Wandering Boat!
And before the day was done, Boat and Owner are reunited!

Chris Bulger reported: "A boat floated into our beach last night if you’re missing one call or message me 518-596-6101 a description of the one you’re missing"


5/28 - followup:
It has been found! Thanks to a wonderful Higley community that is always looking out for each other!

5/28/20, Doreen Coyne Francey asks: Higley flow friends...our large swim mat "Splash Island" blew away during this afternoons strong storms. Despite being on the water to look only an hour after the storm cleared we have not found it. If you happen to see it our know of someone's beach it may have washed up on please reach out to me. Our kids are desperate to get it back. lost on stowe bay rd

5/21/20 - Help Find Ralphy!

5/23/20 - GREAT NEWS!  Ralphy has been reunited with his family!

Hello I am Calvin Sharlow my wife Sara Sharlow and I have a camp up here 118 Stowe Bay road. We bring our cats up here every year and this year we had a terrible incident and one of our cats got away from us we would like help of the Higley members up here to keep there eye out for our male cat Ralphy who is terrible scared of everything and if anyone is to see him to let us know. Our numbers are (315) 250-3626 and (315) 261-3125 Thank you!


OMG! Chantelle Rose just posted this wandering paddle boat that's down by the boat launch and too close to the dam!

5/10 - UPDATE:  It's no longer there, so hopefully the owner saved it in time.

10/16 - Missing Kayak!! - 10/16, missing no more!

Terrie Reed reports that their green SunDolphin (?) kayak has wandered off, assisted or on it's own from W. Higley Rd. near the end of Cottage Rd. Hope it's happily floating around out there, but needs to get back home.

and just like that, it was found! 

9/5 - Yamaha Wave Runner Attempts Get-A-Way!
9/6 - Nice try, but caught. 

A Yamaha Wave Runner with a grey cover was found floating at the dam. It is now tied up to the dock at the 2nd camp up from the Big Rock boat launch. Please leave the ropes on the dock. Text 315-262-5309 for more information.

9/6 - Debbie Stalder Pahler confirmed that it is back home.

8/19/19 - Pontoon Broke Loose!!  UPDATE:  Pontoon Rescued

Mark Bradish reported (about 7PM): "There is a black and gray pontoon boat that got loose from someone’s dock it’s stuck on the point by Clark’s bay"

And just a bit later on, Mark posted that the Pontoon has been rescued! 

8/18/19 - Lost Canoe?  - OWNER HAS BEEN FOUND

Shirley Nesbitt reported: "If anyone's missing a green canoe there was one near the spill on the dam on Upper Higley. a little while ago. Might want to contact Brookfield to retrieve it"

Dan Murphy asked us to help - 7/6/19

Our Bacon floatie is missing from Big Bay.  Please message if you find him, his family misses him terribly.

Shirley Nesbitt replied that it's on Sue Buckley's beach in Big Bay, about halfway between Greens Bay and the main channel.

6/29/19 -  Fran Grembowicz has lost a step

"We lost a set of wooden steps with latches. Lost from our cottage 73 Bay Road.
Please call 315-854-4240 if you found them"

Paddle Boat 's Gone!  ... and back...

6/19/19- Just got an email from Toni Besio:

"Hi, I would like to report that our paddle boat is missing. It was tied to our dock over the weekend and while visiting our camp at 265 Arbuckle Pond Rd this afternoon we noticed it was no longer there. Not sure how it could have came untied but would really like it back. It is blue and has one white seat.

Thanks, Toni"

6/21/19 - After being sighted floating in Munson bay by Bonnie Munson, Toni says they'll be up after work today to retrieve it.

6/9/19 - Kayak Found On Rt 68

Drew Koerick just reported: "I found a real expensive Kayak on the side of 68 before the water tower. I brought it back to our camp for safe keeping. Thought someone would take it for themself if left there. I would love for the owner to get it back."  UPDATE: 6/10 - OWNER FOUND

5/29/19 - More Stuff Floating Around:

Warren Harman is missing a floating swim platform. Green Carpet, Metal Ladder, Blue Barrels (six). We assume it is floating... 20B Cold Brook Drive HARMAN  - 6/9/19 - update:  Warren says it's still missing.  Look sharp out there, now that there's plenty of boats wandering about.

5/28/19 - Another River Wanderer Reported:

Christina Myers Smith asked us to post this: "We are missing a carpeted raft with lights and wood pieces attached for winter snowmobilers. If anyone has seen it. Please let me know, thanks!!"

5/26/19 - Lost Dock!

5/27/19 - Found Dock!

The Charlestons are happily reunited with their wayward dock.

Elaine Charleston just asked us to alert everyone:

"We lost our dock on Cold Brook Dr. South Colton due to the high water. Pressure treated dock with plywood surface. Please contact Sam or Elaine Charleson if found. Thanks."

Another Runaway Tube - (posted 10/4/18)


Bill Riggs found this nice tube 9/21/18.  If you've lost it, give him a call at (315) 262-2582

Patsy DeCarr Thornton asked today (8/29/18): 
"Is anyone in big bay missing a large green turtle floatie?Found on Wednesday in Stowes Bay?"

If anyone has seen this tube please call. We were gone for the week and its gone 315-845-3603  (posted 8/23/18)

FOUND!  8/24/18

Deborah Morgan found this in Stump Bay on 8/2/18.  Anyone know the owner?

FOUND!  The Owner Has Been Found. 

July 30, 2018 - Brian & Jessica Plonka reported that this
waterski had drifted ashore.  The owner can contact the website and
we will attempt to reunite you.

EDIT:  And, just like that, it's owner has been located!