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Notice:  Not all events at Higley Flow are sanctioned by the Higley Association and not all participants in events will be Higley Association Members.  The Higley Association must assume that all participants in Events have adequate insurance, are properly licensed and comply with all safety regulations.  The Higley Association cannot 
be held responsible for damage to craft, property or personal injury during Events.

‘Round the Islands Canoe Race

Perfect weather brought out 39 canoeists and kayakers for the 21st annual canoe race sponsored by the Higley Association. Competitors ranged from the very young in the fledgling class to paddlers in their 70’s. There was a wide diversity of paddle craft in the event as well ranging from racing kayaks to recreational and racing canoes to recreational. The race organizers attempt to offer a class for everyone so that each paddler has a reasonable chance of success. In addition to the individual race awards there were three other awards presented: The Veteran Paddler Award, presented by the family of C.M. Palmer, in memory of their father, a long time canoeist and kayaker who shared his love of the sport with many children was won by Jim Plumley. The Young Paddler Award present for sportsmanship and excellence in paddling was presented to Spencer Bartkus. The Chris Murphy Award, presented to the female paddler best exemplifying the spirit and enthusiasm of Chris was presented to Jan Bickford for her years of tireless support of the event.

2016 Race Results:


Rotomolded 15’+ Women’s Kayak

1st. Place – Becky Bartkus

2nd. Place – Lisa Wisner

3rd. Place – KC Bartkus

Rotomolded 15’+ Men’s Kayak

1st. Place - Eric Hewitson

Composite 15’+ Women’s Kayak

1st. Place - Mary Kelly

Composite 15’+ Men’s Kayak

1st. Place – Dave Everding

2nd. Place – Jim Plumley

3rd. Place – Greg Nye Smith

Rotomolded 15’ - Women’s Kayak

1st. Place – Emma Brackett

2nd. Place – Allison Bickford

3rd. Place – Erin Casey

Rotomolded 15’- Men’s Kayak

1st. Place – Terry Fisher

2nd. Place – Craig Moyer

10’ Kayak

1st. Place – Joan Bromley

K2 Kayak

1st. Place – Kim Wangler/Jeanne Hudson

K1 Fledgling Kayak – Boy

1st. Place – Erin Fisher

K1 Men Unlimited

1st. Place – Jason Butterfield



1st. Place – Ron Johnson/Ben Larned

2nd. Place – Lynde Scott/Spencer Bartkus


1st. Place – Ellie Siegfried/Will Siegfried

2nd. Place – Clay Streit/Kelsie Poniak

3rd. Place – Jan & Jim Bickford

Under 14

1st. Place – Joan Mentley/Joe Keener & Tonka-The Dog

Canoe Men

1st. Place – Allen Kelly/Gene Newman

2nd. Place – Jacob Thomas/Eli Thomas

Canoe Women

1st. Place – Tara Siegfried/Eileen Visser

2nd. Place – Morgan Beatty/Daphne Bartkus

Solo Canoe

1st. Place – Greg Howe

2016 Higley Association Event Calendar – Check your newsletter which will arrive mid
June for more information. The newsletter will also be posted on the website.

May 15th.  Secretary-Treasurer Robin St. Andrews made these corrections to the Calendar:

June 4 th Big Rock Clean-up – 9 a.m. (Sat.)
June 18 th Youth Fishing Contest begins (Sat.)
July 3 rd River of Lights – 9 p.m.
July 4 th Youth Parade – Cottage Rd. 10 a.m.
July 9 th Boater Safety Course - 8:30 a.m - 5 p.m. - Community Center, S. Colton
July 12 th Association Meeting and Potluck Dinner – 6 pm, CPCS cafeteria
July 23 rd Colton Day and Association Ice Cream Social & Fireworks
July 30 th ** Pirate’s Weekend
July 23 – 30 th ** Raquette River Awareness Week - visit the info. center, S. Colton for details
August 1 st Last day Youth Fishing Contest
August 4 th Big Rock Clean-up – 7 p.m., help needed; bring rake & garbage bag
August 6 th 22 nd Annual Round the Islands Canoe Race, 9 a.m. Big Rock boat launch, Pine Rd.
August 9 th Association Meeting and Potluck Dinner – 6 pm, CPCS cafeteria
Sept. 14 th - 18 th Annual Fall water draw-down. Brookfield Power will begin to lower
                     the water on the 14 th and return to normal on the 18 th .

** This event is not sponsored by the Association but rather advertised &
promoted by it for the enjoyment of the community!

Online Boating Course:   If you'd prefer an online Boating Course, check out https://www.boat-ed.com/newyork/approved_boating_course.html which consists of six timed modules and takes about six hours to complete.  It costs $29.50 paid at the successful completion of the final exam.  At that point you can print out a temporary certificate.  The final card will be sent to you.