2023 Photos

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Another year has just begun and we hope it brings great times & a lot of fun.  Please help show everyone just how wonderful Higley Flow can be.   Just email your pic to higley4us@gmail.com and I'll try to include it. - Thanks, Bob Agel  higley4us@gmail.com

Another Great Year at Higley Begins!   Again, plenty of our neighbors out enjoying the beauty of Winter here at Higley Flow.

Kim Carr posted these nice shots of kids enjoying Winter at Higley
for more, check out "for the Love of Higley" on Facebook.

Winter's a blast for this pup on Green's Bay (aka Little Bay). Shot was first posted on "for the love of HIGLEY" .

Thanks to Mary Sterlace and 'for the love of HIGLEY' for this beautiful winter scene.

Thanks to Denise Shumway and 'For the love of HIGLEY" for this nice winter shot.

Absolutely HAVE to share Kim Carr's beautiful pic from 'For the love of HIGLEY'

Kim Carr posted this beauty on 'for the love of HIGLEY'. A nice way to end a long winter.

And tonight's shot shows how great an 'eye' Kim has for pics!

Jean Fallon did a Polar Bear Plunge to get tonight's pic.

And Spring did arrive in a hurry!!  Andy Mager caught this loon celebrating in these 3 pics with a spring dance!

Kay Hassett shared these two great shots of Spring at Higley

Denise Shumway posted this nice evening shot of our April waters.

Andy Mager sent in: "Very cool view this morning"

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