2019 Photos
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The NeverEnding Winter is finally over (we hope).  Snow right from early November through to mid-April.  But, Spring is in the air and it's time to ENJOY!   I'm sure you have shots that you'd like to see included. Just email your pic to higley4us@gmail.com and I'll try to include it. - Thanks, Bob Agel  higley4us@gmail.com

Another Great Year at Higley Begins! 

April 7th.  We're not the only ones waiting!!

This WILL happen folks! It's 4/22 and the main channel is clear, Big Bay is clear and Wilson's Bay (aka Little Bay) has just a few stubborn bergs to finish up. Thanks Jean Fallon for the pic.

And another great year begins.  First launch 4/25/19.

A beautiful day.  Just don't touch the water!!  BRRRR!!!!

Between the storms, flood warnings and temperature swings, Jean Fallon grabbed this shot that reminds us of the beauty we have every day at Higley.

While we're waiting for good weather and all the great pics on Higley Flow, let's not forget our friends on Lower Higley and the raw beauty that water offers.

Still close to flood stage, the Raquette River flows north through Lower Higley.

A view of the Higley dam from the Canoe Carry launch area on Lower Higley

It's weedy and shallow, but Lower Higley has a unique beauty all it's own.

The story I've heard is that these weed patch islands were the remnants of the floating islands sent over the dam from upper Higley.

The first cruise of the year means we check out all Higley's waters...

... including Stump Bay!   My, it always LOOKS so pretty!

Jean Fallon captured the happy smiles as we sailed into Stump Bay. Marilyn is the happiest, since she has a kayak and no prop to worry about.

The State Park beach is empty right now, but the Park is about to open and when the water warms, that will be a crowded area.

Stump Bay is a mile or so in length and has some of the best scenery at Higley Flow. But don't forget where you are!

Whoops! That isn't a flock of geese sitting on the water! Stumps ahead! Got to swing around and head back pronto!

Ed Harcourt was kind enough to send in these two great shots of Higley.  This one's looking downstream.

This one's looking upstream.  Thanks, Ed!

Jerry & Sandy Peck are back and just in time! Look at the forecast for this weekend! Time to get a-boatin' or at least a-FLOW-tin' . It's finally Higley Time!

Ed Harcourt just sent in another great shot: "Sunday morning drone shot South Colton facing north."

Danielle Hall-Bugler posted this series of shots that illustrate all the great Summer Fun here on Higley Flow.

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