2017 Photos
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Hi friends! It's time to get your cameras or cell phones out and document all the wonders around Higley Flow. Let's publish all the fun and beauty we see every day. I'm sure you have shots that you'd like to see included. Just email your pic to higley4us@gmail.com and I'll try to include it. - Thanks, Bob Agel  higley4us@gmail.com

Here's to another great year at Higley! 

Tim and Sharon Ward are searching for sunsets

Meanwhile, Pat Luce has again found one!

And, Pirates again invade Higley

This year it wasn't just other Pirates, but also Sheriffs to battle!

Not just the sunsets are beautiful. Jim Meenan grabbed this perfect sunrise.

Kay snapped this beautiful shot of moonlight over State Park Bay

Here's the race results and some pictures from the Race Around The Islands >>>

Carl Lepine sent in this nice shot of a new buck.

Don Shoen sent in this nice sunshet shot.

On August 19th., the Brass Fireman band favored us
with an open water concert on Higley Flow

Reserved seating for the concert!

Hope this becomes an annual event.

Thanks to Sarah Stark for another great shot.

And Sarah strikes again with this great view.

Hey, who opened the drain and let all the water out?
Another 3 days before we can enjoy indian summer on Higley.

In case you were wondering why you hit rocks at the mouth of Cold Brook, here's the reason!
(thanks, Kathy)

Kathy also sent in this shot of Higley Pavers: South Higley & Cold Brook currents, ice, varying & raging water levels create these homemade pavers!

Don Shoen captured this shot of early fall.

Kathy sent this shot as the Grand Finale To Summer

Joanne Hazelton took this great shot of Morning On Arbuckle Pond.

Now this is the way to welcome Autumn!  Luce Living for sure!

Despite 6 people at the dock, this heron thought the fishing was worth getting within 4 feet of us!

Sarah braved a chilly evening to get this shot.

Kathy submitted this shot and caption: "The mouth of Cold Brook meets the sunset on the Raquette".

Jean Fallon just contributed this great shot.

Sarah Stark shot another example of this fall's unending beauty.

Kathy sent in this one, somewhat symbolic of the fact that our great fall weather is slowly winding down.

Tim Ward caught the reflections of the clouds on this perfect October Sunday.

While Bonnie Munson caught the sunshine on this perfect 75 degree day.

Fall's colors seemed a bit dull this year until just the last day or two!

October skies, reflected.  Taken by Shauna Gall on Cottage Rd. at Stones' Camp

Andrew Mager took this great shot from a place that looks VERY familiar!

Bonnie Emburey sent in this shot of Lower Higley.  Beautiful!

Andrew Mager just sent in another great shot!

And, this late-fall shot was submitted by Kay Hassett

Kathy just sent in this shot of the sky meeting the river in S. Colton

Kathy sent us one more great shot, which will probably have to last us until next year.