2017 Photos
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Hi friends! It's time to get your cameras or cell phones out and document all the wonders around Higley Flow. Let's publish all the fun and beauty we see every day. I'm sure you have shots that you'd like to see included. Just email your pic to higley4us@gmail.com and I'll try to include it. - Thanks, Bob Agel  higley4us@gmail.com

Here's to another great year at Higley! 

Hup, two, three, four!
Thanks to Pat Luce for these shots.


Everyone's patriotic today!

including Pat and Stan

Molson is one patient pup!  Thanks, Lianne.

I'm betting she didn't push it the whole mile.

Still on the 4th, Tim Ward found this had been cruising the river!

Thanks to Betsy Warner for this shot of Greens Bay

Tim & Sharon Ward spent a vacation week on Higley and got some great shots.

Yep, great shots!

Sunshine, blue sky and a waiting pontoon

Higley, this is what it's all about!

Thanks to Susan Brockway Corwine for this "end of the rainbow" shot.  Perfect!

Bonnie Munson caught this perfect sunset shot tonight.

Jane Mousaw shared these three sunset shots.

Pat Luce captured this pic tonight.  Wonderful!

Thanks, Darrell Nandal for these three shots.

As Pat Luce says, "Yes, there really is sun on Higley"

Thanks Pat.  Another great shot.

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