2014 Photos
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"Hey!  It's July, where's all the pics???"  - Sorry, folks, but due to my wife's illness, I'm unable to get out of the house to capture the fun around Higley.  For now, I'd appreciate anyone who has taken memorable shots to send them to me for posting.  Thanks, in advance, Bob Agel: higley4us@gmail.com

Another sunset over the beatiful waters of Higley Flow.  Thanks to Spencer Conant for this great shot.

Another great Lights On The Lake evening

How shoreline pics are SUPPOSED to be shot.

Lights On The Lake - "Okay, Melissa, wait until I get off the dock before taking the pic...."

July 4th. Parade - Bill LaPierre Leads Off Once Again.

High Tech Sound System - Not so High Tech implementation.

Here They Come!

One mile seems forever when you're 3 feet tall!

One of the few Chevvys not being recalled this year!

Nearing the end, still bravely marching!

A really patriotic pooch

Just a few adjustments, and....

(Thanks to Jerry Sharp, Dennis & Barb Hudon for providing many of these pics)

Ready for a shot of the victorious marchers!

And, thanks to Kay Hassett for this great shot of our recent "super moon" evenings.

Entrance to the Black Lagoon

Red maple on Green's Bay

Up-River by the Supernaults

Colors in State Park Bay

Wilson Bay's Colors

That's all granite behind the house.  No grass grows there!

Jean Fallon took this shot.  With the mist,
it's tough to tell which is water and which is sky.

Jerry Sharp took this shot of Warm Brook, at the back of Stump Bay

Another shot of Stump Bay; thanks, Jerry!

Shore of Stump Bay; again Thanks to Jerry.

Looking across Stump Bay from State Park; Thanks Jerry!

Warm Brook joins Stump Bay, Thanks to Traci Smith

Looking up the Racquette 9/29/14

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