2013 Photos
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Pirate Invasion 2013.  Our boat  was just out for
a cruise with no intention to do battle (pay no
attention to that water cannon).

When suddenly we were mercilessly set upon by countless
buckaneers! (Pay no attention to that water balloon,
we were peaceful, I tell ya!)
(thanks to Robin St. Andrews for the following shots)

And here's the evidence!  We're being set upon by scallywags!

Now we're being chased as we try to cruise peacefully away!

Here's one of the scallywags involved.  Ugly bugger!

Aha!  Apparently, they're after my Booty!  (At 68, ain't much left!)

If it's August, then it's time for.....

The Round The Islands Canoe And Kayak Race!
(thanks to Robin St. Andrews for these shots)

Here's the First Wave ready to set out..

..and the Second Wave, close behind.

Here's a couple of very racy gals!

Racing for the Bar's Island

H. Claflin keeping them honest.

Vivian Trerise accepts Chris Murphy Award

Alan Kelly accepts award for Fastest Overall

Ron Morrow accepts award for Men's Medium Kayak
Thanks to Judy Fuhr, there's a LOT more shots of the race.

 To see all the awards and more action, click here.

For the first time, the Higley Associaton sponsored a band concert on Big Bay.

The New Horizons Band played classics for the enjoyment of all the boaters who gathered to hear them.

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